Welcome to the Problem-Based Learning Wikispace designated for TTU 2+2 students based at RSCC-Oak Ridge

Problem-Based Learning (PBL)

Problem-based learning involves the use of open-ended questions, real-life problem solving, and often concludes with a presentation to an authentic audience. As students are challenged to collaborate, communicate, and develop critical thinking skills, PBL provides a perfect opportunity to use 21st-century skills while mastering content.

Web 2.0 tools featured on Dr. Comer's & Dr. Suters' Integrating Teaching and Technology Wiki http://integratingteachingandtechnology.wikispaces.com/ are helpful to integrate as part of your PBL. Why?
  • Provide a technology-focus for course
  • Encourage teachers to use innovative pedagogy for instruction - develops Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge or TPACK
  • Encourage the use of technology by students – preparation for future.

Wiki-based resources

The "Projects" feature that is available as part of Education Wikis allows you to setup groups in your classroom to organize them for projects.
Selected resources for PBL

PBL Jigsaw Sources

Jigsaw Assignment

ALL READ What is PBL? http://www.bie.org/about/what_is_pbl/
Design Principles
1. Begin with the End in Mind:
2. Crafting a Driving Question
3. Plan the Assessment
4. Map the Project
5. Manage the Process

NOTE: Each group should view the associated project planning form for their design principle.