The Dog Ate My Homework PBL

Tuesday 11/22/11
Common PBL Agenda.pdf
Note: This problem will be completed in class all in one day. Ignore the comments on some of the handouts that refer to next class.
Read Part I of the problem & the Washington Post Article without talking. Individually record your thoughts on:
  • What was your most vivid homework memory?
  • Do you agree or disagree with the author's opinions? Why or why not?
After each person has had a chance to record own opinion, discuss with members of your group. Share as a whole class.

Part I of the Problem
Part 1-PBL Dog Ate My Homework.pdf
Washington Post Article
Washington Post Article.pdf

  • Assign group roles (2 parents & 2-3 teachers) - take on this role throughout your work on the problem.
  • Read Part 2 and work on your Personal Refection Log (handout) independently. 15 minutes
  • Take turns reading the problem aloud to your group.
  • Groups discuss comments noted in their personal reflection logs & complete the Group Worksheet (handout) - you will complete this form in the role of members of the Daniels Elementary School staff or parents of students at the school and complete the task assigned by Principal Essex.
Part 2-The Dog Ate My Homework.pdf

Sample Homework Policy Statements

Group Reading Resources

Type notes for your selected article(s) and post to your group's project page.

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Cooper, H. (2007). The battle over homework: Common ground for administrators,
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Homework [Special issue, 2004]. Theory Into Practice, 43(3).
Selected Articles:

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